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Go through the hottest topics in chemical engineering today:

  • predictive analytics,
  • energy efficiency improvement,
  • PINCH analysis,
  • process optimization with steady state modeling,
  • process optimization with dynamic modeling.
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Learn these topics through 10 weeks and 9 weekly LIVE training and mentoring sessions, led by an experienced instructor:  

  • LIVE 2-HOUR training sessions are as well supported by recorded instructions, materials, documentations and templates, so that you can be flexible with learning while still using all the benefits of LIVE trainings and discussions.
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Learning from examples is the best learning. Cases studies for the 5 topics will be solved and revealed! 

  • your assignments will help you to learn by doing,
  • with instructions to finding and offering your projects!

What I'll learn with this course?

You'll learn:

How to convert process knowledge into process solutions for your client!

If I know how to optimize the process and can prove it with my expertise, I can sell my own knowledge!

How to target, assess and deliver improvements and savings for your client!

If I learn where process improvements potentials are hidden, I can recognize them and provide the solution!

What are the skills you need to develop to be able to sell your services!

I don't know everything today, but I'm ready to learn by doing!

What I'll get with this course?

Through the course, LIVE lessons are given by the industry expert with huge experience in entrepreneurship . You will learn from real industry examples, experiences and process solutions based on  process modeling, simulation and optimization. 

You’ll be fully guided through the course and the process of achieving the goals we’ve set above. You will get support, feedback and guidance for all your assignments given throughout the course. 

Training is fully supported by real case studies, process data and real industry solutions.

The group will be meeting live, meaning you’ll meet your fellow engineers who share the same path as you.   

What I'll learn with this course?

The topics & schedule are the following:

  • Week 1:  25.11. Finding Opportunities & Setting the tools,
  • Week 2: 2.12. Process Optimization with Steady State Modeling Basic 
  • Week 3: 9.12. Process Optimization with Steady State Modeling Advanced
  • Week 4: 16.12. Predictive Analytics Basics
  • Week 5: 23.12. Support to finalize assignments
  • Week 6: 30.12. Predictive Analytics Advanced
  • Week 7: 6.1. Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Week 8: 13.1. PINCH Analysis
  • Week 9: 20.1. Process Optimization with Dynamic Modeling
  • Week 10: 27.1. Benefit Studies and economy analysis

Continued support in finalizing assignments.

What's included with the course?


What people who took a similar course are saying?

"Very nice experience (lecturer, group, topics, provided material)."
"Course was well structured with relevant content. It was nicely presented with good amount of group discussions and comments."
"As for me, it was a very interesting, captivating and useful course, and as for the future, I am determined to participate in other courses or seminars organized by Mrs. Ivana Lukec."
"The course with the great value for money."

After more that 100 people took my courses, this is what some of them are saying:

"What distinguishes this course from others is the opportunity to acquire very important skills related to industry 4.0 technologies with continuous support from the instructor. The knowledge that was passed on in a simple way stays in your head. "

"This is one of the best courses of Predictive Analytics for Chemical Engineers. The real-life examples used in the course are very relatable. Ivana is very prompt when it comes to addressing any queries during the course."

"I really enjoyed this program for its simplicity, lucidity, and yet high practical applicability. I also appreciate the instructor’s engagement in reviewing assignments and answering my queries."

"The course was really a great experience and learning.The mentor were so supportive.I have selected completely a new case for study,it was worth i opted for this course....Thank you so much SimulateLive ...Great work."


Successes of my course participants:

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Me and my team have won the 2nd prize among 69 teams of the hackathon where our task was to use big data analysis and Machine Learning to optimize one of the central units in copper processing. During this two-day blitz, we have developed a regression model and a genetic algorithm to find optimal operational parameters to stabilize the heat losses. I would like to thank Ivana Lukec who taught me a lot about chemical process optimization and working with industrial data. 

Tomasz, Machine Learning Engineer

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About your instructor

Ivana is the right person to guide you through this course because she has built her experience in a consulting company serving the process industry with solutions in process improvements and optimization.

Through her 18 years of experience, she has been involved in the execution of projects based of process modeling and simulation including optimization studies and projects, conceptual and basic design, energy efficiency improvement projects, data-driven models and predictive analytics, advanced process control and operator training simulators as an engineer and later consultant. Process analysis, development and optimization are her passion in all areas of life and she is very much motivated to transfer her passion for problem-solving to younger engineers. Some of her experiences she is sharing as an author on her blog SimulateLive.com

She’d like to see more chemical engineering entrepreneurs who are confident and motivated enough to take responsibility and leadership in creating better and sustainable paths and processes to help environment preservation, pollution minimization and more efficient waste conversion.

Frequently asked questions

You will take the most value from this course if you have basic knowledge in chemical engineering. In case you don’t, please get in touch with us to check if the course is the best solution for you. We will learn the rest together. 

No. You will be informed about the tools available. One of the course benefits is learning the tools that are practical, powerful and open source.

The course is created to prepare you for most challenging professional situations and includes real industry examples. During next 10 weeks you will be fully mentored with the support that will continue aftwrward as well. You will have 2-HOUR session for the price of 39,5 eur (20 eu per hour!!!)  which is a fantastic value for money! 

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