Hi, I’m Ivana.

I’m a passionate chemical engineer and a small business owner.
I do and teach solutions in process modeling and process optimization for more than 15 years.

Ready to take the next step to build your
small business in chemical engineering?

What's your process?

  • Are you a business owner who wants to expand their offerings and services?
  • Are you planning to build your own small business in chemical engineering?
  • Would you like to find improvement opportunites and savings of your industrial unit?
  • Would you like to define technologies that can optimize your industrial unit?
  • Would you like to estimate “how much” can be saved?

Here's how I help people like you:

  • I teach you to build solutions for you clients in process optimization, energy efficiency and predictive modeling,

  • I teach the key knowledge that every entrepreneur in the field of chemical engineering shoud know, all based on my 15 years of experience in family owned small business,

  • I do process improvement case studies for industrial units that suggest technologies, develop solutions and estimate savings,

  • Based on specialized tools and mathematical models, I estimate potential savings.

More about me...

I am Ph.D. in chemical engineering and owner of a family small business focused on process modeling, simulation and optimization where I’m working almost all of my 18 years long career. My projects went from  process design and optimization studies and projects, advanced process control, operator training simulators. 

Process analysis, development and optimization are my passion in all areas of life going far beyond the practice of chemical engineering. Some of the experiences I am sharing as an author on SimulateLive.com.

 It is more than clear that for all the tools and knowledge that chemical engineers have, we should take the responsibility and leadership in creating better and sustainable paths and processes to help planet preservation, minimize climate change and improve efficient waste conversion.

Process solutions that should take us to the brighter future are the basis of my interactive courses and engineering work.

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