Summer Camp: Building Small Business with Process Solutions

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This highly experiential course and coaching will give you the necessary knowledge to prepare you for running your own small business based on process solutions, mathematical modeling, and optimization. The course will teach you:

  • How to recognize the opportunities for process improvements,
  • How to recognize, select and apply technologies such as: process optimization, predictive analytics, pinch technology, energy efficiency improvement, profit maximization,
  • How to use the power of process modeling to help you define your process solution,
  • How to calculate and estimate possible benefits, present the solution as process optimization and business case….and more…
  • Get ready for: 8 weeks, 8 LIVE weekly sessions given on Thursdays (2 hours) + a couple of hours per week of your work supported by your mentor; templates, documentation, process data and more!

The course includes:

  • 8 LIVE group lessons, followed by group coaching, starting July 15th ending September 2nd,
  • 8 recorded and shared sessions,
  • 8 assignments to guide you towards the course goals,
  • Full individual support and mentorship in the execution of assignments and course goals,
  • Process data, support documentation, examples, calculations, templates in support of our goals,
  • CERTIFICATE of Completion – upon successful completion of the course.
  • New valuable contacts and connections.

What you’ll get with the course:

  1. Interactive training based on practice, not theory.

Through the course, lessons are given by the industry expert. You will learn from real industry examples and experiences about how to target, assess, and analyze process data, and afterward how to build models to apply virtual sensors and predictive analytics applications on real plants.

  1. Guidance and interaction with your instructor!

You will not be left alone! You will get support and feedback for all your 10 assignments. They are packed with detailed instructions so that you can easily finalize them, but support from industry experts who reviews them is often invaluable!

  1.  The foundation for your business

All materials are prepared for you to learn how to independently build your own applications. If you choose to do so, this knowledge can become your basis in building your own business or improving the existing one.


2 reviews for Summer Camp: Building Small Business with Process Solutions

  1. Dietmar Holzner

    Thanks a lot for two months of deep and comprehensive learning on the topic, for support on any kind of doubt, for bringing me near the field of process modelling. And all at a really fair price.

  2. vrishab

    Good course to understand the basics of process modelling , predictive analytics and pinch point technology with the help of right mix of theory and hands on experience on open-source softwares.In addition to that , Ivana provides good support and guidance to solve individual queries.

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