Process Optimization With Predictive Analytics – 10 Days Challenge

Why is this a must-take course for all chemical engineers?

To learn how I can improve process plants around me

If I learn where optimization potentials are hidden I can recognize and improve them!

To build or improve my consulting business

If I know how to optimize the process, I can sell my own knowledge!

To get ready for smart industry of tomorrow

If I understand how product quality or process economy can be predicted, I can build and sell my own predictive models

What I’ll get with this course?

Training based od practice, not theory!

Through the course lessons given by an industry expert, you will learn from real-life examples and experiences about how to target, assess, and analyze process data, and afterwords how to build models to apply virtual sensors and predictive analytics applications on real plants. 

Guidance and interaction with my instructor

You will not be left alone! You will get support and feedback for all your 10 assignments. They are packed with detailed instructions so that you can easily finalize them, but a support from an industry experts who reviews them is often invaluble! 

The foundation for my business

All materials are prepared for you to learn how to independently build your own applications. If you choose to do so, this knowledge can become your basis in building your own business or improving the existing one. 

Yes, I want to enroll right now!

What I’ll learn with this course?

  • How to recognize the opportunities for predictive analytics and virtual sensors
  • How to recognize, select and analyze required process history data
  • How to develop your predictive model in 10 steps! All prepared for you: the choice of 3 most important industrial applications, real data, detailed instuctions and reviewed assignements
  • How to calculate and estimate possible benefits, present the solution as process optimization and business case
  • How to use your knowledge to develop your own consulting business

What’s Included With The Course?

  • 10 lessons, 100 minutes, unlimited 12 months access
  • 3 real cases with full documentation
  • 10 assignments with detailed descriptions and instructions
  • 10 instructor’s reviews of your finalized assignments
  • Process data, support documentation, examples, calculations, templates
  • CERTIFICATE of Completion – upon successful completion of the course

What people who took the course are saying?

“What distinguishes this course from others is the opportunity to acquire very important skills related to industry 4.0 technologies with continuous support from the instructor.”
“This is one of the best courses of Predictive Analytics for Chemical Engineers. The real-life examples are very relatable. Ivana is prompt to address any queries.”
“The knowledge I gained from this course is relevant and applicable. It’s that kind of knowledge that you need years of experience to gain.”

Start your challenge now!!!

Yes, I’ll take the challenge!!!

What’s our plan?


I enroll in the course!



I open my first challenge and lesson!



I upload my first assignment and receive a review = approval!


DAY 2 – 10

I do the same for next 9 challenges! But hey, in case I’ll get busy with any other work and it takes more than 10 days – it’s ok, my instructor will wait for me!

DAY 2 – 10

January 1, 2018

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January 1, 2018