Free Introductory Training: Building Small Business with Process Solutions

So many times I was asked a question: “What is needed for a chemical engineer to run his/her small business?”

The fact is that chemical engineers are most often among the smartest people in the room and are able to solve the most complex problems, but when it comes to selling our knowledge – we often lack a few skills.

In 18 years of my career, I’ve spent a full 16 in small business that is dedicated to the development of Process Solutions and was lucky to spend the first 10 learning it all from my father who was a visionary in both process solutions and business development.  

Process solutions that include process improvement and optimization and are based on the application of process modeling and simulation belong to the most important fields of chemical engineering today and have great potentials to lead us through process industry transitions.

Having the knowledge of process solutions and optimization and being able to transform it into a commercial offering, empowers you strongly both as an engineer and as an individual.

The path is not easy. But for me, results and choices make the journey worth taking!

This is what is needed to run your own small business with process solutions and these are the steps YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW!