Why ordering Benefit Study from me and my team is a step you need to do?

Get precise guidance on what is possible to save, improve and preserve on your process unit!

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Your process will be analyzed and calculated in detail!

We are looking into material and heat balance, energy efficiency, the performance of the key equipment such as reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, and heaters, emissions, process control functionality, product quality, etc.


You'll get precise guidance on what is possible to save, improve and preserve on your process unit!

If I know how to optimize the process and can prove it with my expertise, I can sell my own knowledge!


The results are independent, delivered quickly, practical, achievable and affordable.

Don't be mistaken if meaningful work is performed within a matter of days - it is only due to the fact the experience was built during 28 years of the family business.

What I'll get with this course?


Through the course, lessons are given by the industry expert. You will learn from real indusry examples and experiences about how to target, assess, and analyze process data, and afterwords how to build models to apply virtual sensors and predictive analytics applications on real plants. 

You will not be left alone! You will get support and feedback for all your 10 assignments. They are packed with detailed instructions so that you can easily finalize them, but a support from an industry experts who reviews them is often invaluble! 

All materials are prepared for you to learn how to independently build your own applications. If you choose to do so, this knowledge can become your basis in building your own business or improving the existing one. 

What you'll get with this course?

What's our plan?


Improving Energy Efficiency of Batch Reactors 

Achieved savings after detailed analysis  calculations gave impressive saving results of nearly:

  • 60% decrease in heating energy costs,
  • 30% decrease in cooling energy costs.

How so impressive results can be possible? Simply by:

  • replacing an old reactor with the new one with adequate insulation and materials,
  • Using hot oil and a closed heating system instead of steam,
  • Facility owned, closed and optimized energy system for heating and cooling instead of external expensive and inflexible supply,
  • New measurements and control – instead of poor and insufficient measurements,
  • Increased operational capacity, due to improved operating conditions,
  • Shortened batch cycles due to improved heating.

What has been recognized with the project:

  • The facility staff knew there was an energy saving potential, but had no idea of how big this potential truly was. One of the reasons they didn’t know was the lack of proper measurements and control.
  • the process models showed their practical value in solving everyday industrial problems.
  • The biggest benefit, not measured in money – significantly lowered impact on the environment.

What I'll get with this Benefit Study?

1.   Analysis of basic material and heat balances

2.   Report that covers improvement opportunities that can be achieved with the following technologies:

  • general energy efficiency analysis
  • heat integrations analysis (including PINCH analysis)
  • emissions analysis and opportunities for preservation
  • report on basic control functionality
  • potential for implementing continuous optimitazion
  • report on product quality improvement opportunities
  • potential for implementing predictive models and AI for advanced monitoring and prediction

3.   Estimation of cost & energy reduction

4. Basic improvement implementation steps